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A College Station Child Custody Attorney on Dating, New Spouses, and Child Custody

Posted by Chris Peterson | Jun 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

A College Station Child Custody Attorney on Dating, New Spouses, and Child Custody

It is natural for a person to want to move on after divorce and find a new relationship. However, one should bear in mind the possible effects of dating and new spouses on the children. A College Station child custody attorney will work with you to determine how best to handle introducing a new significant other to the children, but timing is ultimately of prime importance.

Your College Station Child Custody Attorney Discusses Dating before Divorce

Whether you consider dating while technically married an ethical impropriety or not, your children will likely not readily accept such a situation. Unless you and your estranged spouse have been separated for a length of time, the children may still be holding out hope that you will get back together. As your College Station child custody attorney will advise, courts will consider the best interests of the children when granting child custody, and may frown upon a situation where they will feel uncomfortable or unhappy.

It is important to note that if you decide to date prior to your divorce, information you put on an online dating website may be used against you in a divorce proceeding. If, for instance, you lie about your parental situation, courts can use this as evidence in determining whether you should have shared custody.

Relationships after Divorce

Even after the divorce is final it would be a good idea to be careful about introducing a new girlfriend or boyfriend to the children. Eventually they may be more able to accept the new person, but you should take care regardless. As your College Station child custody attorney will tell you, trying to force the children to “like” the new spouse is probably not going to work. Moreover, it is ill-advised to expect the children to refer to the new spouse as mother or father.

Your best tact is to speak frankly, but compassionately, with the children about a new relationship prior to introducing the person. This will prepare them mentally for having to make the adjustments they need to.

Keep in mind that should your new relationship cause emotional difficulties for the children, the court can re-visit the custody terms and make changes as necessary.

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