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How to Adopt a Stepchild

Posted by Chris Peterson | Aug 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

How to Adopt a Stepchild

How to Adopt a StepchildAdoption of a stepchild can greatly help a child develop into an emotionally healthy adult. Stepchild adoptions do not come without pitfalls and challenges, however, and it is important to give the matter a great deal of consideration before venturing forward. A Bryan TX Adoption Attorney can both help you in your decision as well as represent you in family court.


One of the more difficult aspects of adopting a stepchild often is gaining consent of the legal parent. In some cases a parent will agree readily, particularly if they understand that in doing so they are providing the best opportunity for their child. However, relinquishing one's legal parenthood can bring many conflicting emotions to bear.

If you are not able to gain the consent of the parent in question, you will need to seek assistance from the court to terminate their parental rights. As an adoption attorney will tell you, this usually entails proving that the other parent has either abandoned the child or is not caring for it adequately.

The Adoption Process

Your adoption lawyer will assist you through the adoption process. It is important to note that Texas state law requires consent of the child if he or she is over age 12. The process of adoption begins with notifying the legal parent that you wish to adopt the child. You then have the rights of that parent terminated by affidavit or court order. You then file a petition in family court, and appear for an initial hearing. You will be called back to court for a final hearing, at which time the judge will render his/her decision.

A Texas Adoption Attorney Can Help

Whether you are planning to adopt a stepchild or have another family law matter that needs to be handled in court, a Bryan TX Adoption Attorney with our firm can provide you with the highest standard of legal assistance. Call Peterson Law Group today to arrange a consultation at 979-703-7014.

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