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Estate Planning: How to Protect Your Spouse and Your Kids


Estate Planning: How to Protect Your Spouse and Your Kids 

Through this Free Seminar, you'll find out:

  • How to pass your estate to your loved ones without the cost and delays of probate
  • How to provide for your children until they get mature enough to handle their inheritance
  • How you can protect your children's inheritance from creditors and ex-spouses and pass those assets on to your grandchildren afterwards
  • The pros & cons of using wills, trusts, rights of survivorship, and beneficiary designations to pass your estate
  • How to protect yourself if you become unable to make financial or medical decisions because of illness, dementia, or injury
  • How to avoid accidentally disinheriting a loved one
  • How to select an estate planning professional that can help you accomplish your goals

At this seminar, Chris will EXPLAIN in a straightforward way and in PLAIN LANGUAGE how PROPER PLANNING can AVOID HEADACHES and HELP YOUR FAMILY.

To confirm your attendance at this free seminar, sign up right now because registration is limited.