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Making Provisions for Special Needs Children in a Divorce

Posted by Chris Peterson | Sep 02, 2013 | 0 Comments

Making Provisions for Special Needs Children in a Divorce

divorce lawyer in College StationSpecial needs children can bring joy to parents in their own right, but they also require significantly more and different parenting than other children. Indeed, sometimes the challenge of meeting the requirements of a special needs child taxes the marriage, and can even be a factor in divorce. It is vital that the parents plan carefully for providing for a special needs child; a divorce lawyer in College Station can provide assistance in developing a parenting plan that will meet the ongoing needs of the child.

A divorce lawyer in College Station on Parenting Plans

Whatever struggles children of divorcing parents go through, one can be certain that these will be magnified in special needs children. In some cases a true shared custody situation will not be possible. Should parents fundamentally disagree about daily routines and discipline, the special needs child will have a very difficult time.

A divorce lawyer in College Station understands that each divorce involving special needs children requires special handling. The notion of a “typical” parenting plan is not tenable in such situations. Among the areas parents need to resolve in determining a plan for custody of a special needs child are:

  • Whether a parent who works is suitable to be the primary custodian
  • Keeping as “normal” a routine as possible for the child, and one to which he/she is already accustomed
  • Which parent is best-suited to working with teachers on educational needs
  • Medical issues, such as treatment that insurance may not cover

A divorce lawyer in College Station on Planning Long-Term

One of the unique challenges of parenting the special needs child is that parents must consider that living at home may be permanent. The child, once fully grown, may never be able to function in his own living environment, much less hold a job. Certainly this is not true in every case, but a divorce lawyer in College Station will tell you that it is vital to have a plan for meeting the needs of the child long-term, even after the death of the parents.

Such is no less true with divorcing parents. The special needs child may rely on the insurance of one parent, for instance, but in adulthood this may no longer be an option. Medicare is one means of securing long-term medical care, but if a parent is providing financial support this can affect eligibility.

A divorce lawyer in College Station Can Help You with Your Divorce

Clearly, divorce is a much more complicated matter when a special needs child is involved. It is vital that parents seek assistance from a compassionate and experienced divorce lawyer in College Station. We at Peterson Law Group provide the highest standard of legal assistance to our clients. Call us today to arrange a consultation at (979) 703-7014.

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