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Minimize the Negative Effects on Children During Your Divorce

Posted by Chris Peterson | Mar 04, 2013 | 0 Comments

Minimize the Negative Effects on Children During Your Divorce

iStock_2 girls on cntry roadThe jury trial in the child custody case between Deion and Pilar Sanders began recently at the Collin County courthouse. Deion filed for divorce back in 2011 and the battle still wages on. At issue is who will receive custody of the couple's three minor children. Deion and Pilar both claim that the other never spent time with the children. Pilar's attorneys also claim that Deion has manipulated the children to get what he wants, and that all Deion ever cared about was promoting himself.

When the jury reaches their verdict, one of the parents will claim victory and the other will feel defeated. But the real losers in this protracted battle are the children.

Divorces are often difficult for children, and it is up to parents to minimize the negative effects on the children, both during divorce and custody proceedings and thereafter. Details of your divorce should not be shared with the children beyond what each child can reasonably handle based on their emotional and mental maturity. Most importantly, children should never be used as pawns or manipulated to harbor negative feelings toward one of their parents.

In working with families during divorces, we have found children to be flexible, adaptable, and perceptive.  While they may not appear to be negatively affected by your divorce, they generally have many questions they would like to ask but don't because of fear or uncertainty. Keep a close eye on your child's behavior and consider counseling to help kids deal with feelings related to your family's separation.

Joint custody and visitation arrangements can be successful and positive for the children if both parents can be intentional about putting their differences aside and making decisions based on what is best for the children.

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