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Obtaining a Texas occupational driver’s license with the help of a Bryan Texas attorney

Posted by Chris Peterson | Jul 27, 2012 | 0 Comments

Obtaining a Texas occupational driver's license with the help of a Bryan Texas attorney

If your Texas driver's license is suspended or revoked (for reasons other than medical issues or delinquent child support) you may be able to apply for an occupational driver's license. An occupational driver's license is a special restricted license that allows you to operate a non-commercial motor vehicle in only three circumstances:

▪     For work.

▪     For school.

▪     For carrying out essential household duties.

The procedure for obtaining an occupational driver's license can be complicated. A skilled Bryan TX attorney can guide you through this complex procedure and regain your restricted driving privileges as quickly as possible. A Bryan Texas lawyer will begin the process by requesting a Texas occupational driver's license either from the county or district court in the county in which you reside (or from the court where you committed the offense that got your license suspended in the first place).

Where and when can you drive?

Exactly when and where you drive with your Texas occupational driver's license must be prearranged and approved by a judge. The occupational license limits the driver to twelve hours of driving per day, with a limit of 60 hours of driving per week. The hours do not have be continuous, such as 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. You can break up any 24 hour-period to meet your need to drive carpool, get to work, visit clients in the afternoon or go to the grocery store and drive home.

Restrictions for DWI defendants

Drivers charged with a first DWI must wait 30 days after suspension of their license before petitioning for an occupational license. In the case of a second DWI, drivers must wait 90 days before filing their petition in court. Drivers with two DWIs within a five-year period must wait one year before petitioning for an occupational driver's license, while those with three or more DWIs are not eligible.

Contact Bryan Texas attorneys

If you need an occupational license, contact experienced Bryan Texas attorneys at the Peterson Law Group at 979-703-7014 to discuss the details of your case, or use our online contact form. The Bryan Texas lawyers at the Peterson Law Group can help obtain a restricted license if your license is suspended following an arrest for DWI.

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