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Real Estate

Real Estate

Are you buying or selling property, beginning a new construction project or need assistance in real estate financing? We can protect your interests and limit liabilities throughout the real estate and commercial development process.

Whether you're drafting business contracts for commercial property, rezoning a construction project or need help closing your home, we offer cost-effective solutions that can help our clients plan for the future.

Our Legal Services

Our attorneys have helped clients with real estate matters involving:

    • Commercial real estate – assisting with commercial transactions of buying or selling property, financing issues, initiation of a new construction project and assisting with 1031 Exchange process
    • Residential real estate – homes for sale by owner, handling contracts, deeds or other documents during the buying or selling process and transferring property to a family member
    • Construction and development – rezoning, land acquisition, contracts, development loans, development planning and subdivision issues
    • Landlord/Tenant Issues – eviction, collections and leasing disputes

Among the services our attorneys perform are the following:

    • Representation of buyers and sellers at closing
    • For sale by owner document drafting and representation
    • Litigating real estate disputes
    • Representing homeowners associations (HOAs) and litigating HOA disputes for homeowners and HOAs
    • Drafting deed restrictions and litigation deed restrictions disputes
    • Representation of land developers
    • Residential real estate transactions

Are You Facing a Complex Real Estate Issue?

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge in real estate law and can effectively assist you throughout the process. We want to relieve any burdens you may facing and protect your rights.

Brazos 1031 Exchange Company, LLC

Real estate investors may qualify for an IRC Section 1031 tax deferral when selling and reinvesting the proceeds in similar property, also known as a “like-kind” property. A 1031 Exchange is an IRS-authorized process that may allow real estate investors to exchange like-kind properties without immediate tax liability. The IRS requires a neutral third party to facilitate a 1031 Tax Free Exchange. We are a qualified intermediary that can help achieve your goals through the exchange of real estate property.

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