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Understanding the Long-Term Impact of Divorce

Posted by Chris Peterson | Jan 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

Understanding the Long-Term Impact of Divorce

Understanding the Long-Term Impact of DivorceDivorce often negatively impacts both parties both short- and long-term. A divorce is in many ways like a death in the family; the very foundation of a person's life is suddenly removed, only to be replaced by financial difficulties and feelings of failure and loneliness. For the children, it is even worse. You may be able to reduce the negative impact of a divorce on you and the children with the help of a College Station divorce attorney.

Financial Hardship

Because a couple's finances are merged during a marriage, it is necessary to divide the marital estate. However, determining which party gets the house and how other assets are distributed is only a part of the financial picture. A non-working spouse has become dependent upon the income of the other. After a divorce this party will find it very difficult to obtain well-paying work. Long-term the degree of advancement this party may achieve will likely be limited because of starting late.

After a divorce both parties will need to learn to adjust to having less money to work with. The spouse who is ordered to pay child and spousal support will experience a reduced standard of living, perhaps long-term. Child support, after all, is paid until the children reach the age of majority and graduate from high school. In terms of retirement benefits, these might be divided between both parties, thereby guaranteeing a reduced standard of living when the parties are less able to work and earn an income.

The Emotional Impact

The long-term emotional effects of a divorce can be substantial. Often, divorcées feel themselves to be failures. They may become afraid of entering into new relationships and thus stay single. In this way the emotional effects can exacerbate any financial hardship, for the individual's determination to avoid another failure means that they will also not enjoy the financial fruits of another marriage.

Long-Term Effects on Children

Often, the greatest long-term impact of divorce is experienced by the children. These are the innocents in the family break-up. Few children ever are happy with the fact of divorce. A divorce can cause long-term emotional difficulties for children that last into adulthood, such as fear of relationships, separation anxiety, and, in many cases, resentment toward the parent who filed for divorce. Research shows that children of divorces:

  • Are often less educated
  • Remain in a diminished socio-economic state
  • Are more likely to suffer from addictions
  • Marry at an earlier age, often out of necessity because of children
  • Are more likely to divorce, themselves
  • Have lasting emotional problems

Work with an Attorney if You Are Divorcing

While the long-term effects of a divorce are often painful and difficult, there are times when there is no other viable alternative but to divorce. It is important that you work with a Bryan divorce lawyer who has a strong track record in successfully representing clients. Call Peterson Law Group to arrange an initial consultation at 979-703-7014 or 936-337-4681.

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