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Bryan Elder Law Attorney on How to Pick the Right Long-Term Care Facility

Posted by Chris Peterson | Mar 09, 2022

Typically, the decision to place your loved one in a long-term care facility is an emotional one. You might not have the time or ability to take care of your family member yourself. You worry about their well-being if they live alone and don't receive the daily assistance they need.

Although the idea of moving an aging parent or relative into an assisted living facility is an upsetting thought, it could benefit them. You should do your research and pick the facility that will meet their needs and provide an enriching environment where they can thrive and stay healthy and safe.

Below are some tips for choosing a long-term care facility for your loved one.

Involve Your Loved One in the Process

Whether you're searching for a facility for your parent, grandparent, or another dependent family member, you should involve them in the process. They're the ones who will have to live there, so they should get a say in which facility you choose.

Involving them could alleviate some of the worries and fear they have about moving into a long-term care facility. You should ask them their thoughts and opinions on each place you visit together.

Ask them their preferences, such as what types of activities they would like to have available to them. Allowing them to participate in the search could give them the peace of mind they need to feel more comfortable with this transition in their life.

Observe the Facility Thoroughly

When you visit prospective facilities, pay attention to everything on the premises. You should take note of the cleanliness of the place and whether it looks adequately maintained.

If you notice serious damage, that's not a good sign. The dangerous conditions at a long-term care facility could indicate poor maintenance. Lack of maintenance in a facility of this type could result in dangerous conditions that pose a threat to the residents.

You should also watch for warning signs of neglect or abuse during the tour. If the residents look bored, that could be a sign that the facility doesn't offer enriching activities. Dirty rooms and common areas show that the staff might not care about providing their patients with clean places to spend their time.

Ask Questions

You should treat each visit to the long-term care facilities as an interview. You want to ensure it's the right fit for your loved one, so asking questions is vital.

You should find out whether residents have access to transportation to get to their doctor's appointments. Ask what types of activities the facility provides, such as game nights and social events. You should also discuss procedures for when a resident suffers an injury or gets sick.

The staff should be happy to answer all of your questions. If you feel they're being evasive or they fail to address your concerns, it's probably not the right fit for your loved one.

Contact an experienced Bryan elder law attorney right now for assistance with finding the long-term care facility that works best for your loved one. You want to know your family member is safe and well cared for, and we are here to provide you with the legal guidance and support that you may require. To get started, contact our law firm at 979-703-7014 to schedule a consultation.

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