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How to Change a Child Custody Agreement

Posted by Chris Peterson | Dec 16, 2013 | 0 Comments

How to Change a Child Custody Agreement

How to Change a Child Custody AgreementSituations may arise for which an existing child custody agreement needs to be changed. It is actually quite common for a parent to request such a change, but the family court will not approve a new agreement automatically. You must establish why the change is necessary. A child custody attorney in Conroe who is knowledgeable about the family court process can help you should you wish to seek having an agreement altered.

Preliminary Steps to Changing an Order

Your child custody attorney will review your changed circumstances and advise whether or not the court is likely to grant a custody order change. It is very useful if you and the other parent can agree upon a modification; the process then becomes one of simply submitting the requested change to the court for approval. However, don't keep the agreement solely verbal; for a modification to be legal it must be ordered by the family court.

Seeking a Custody Agreement Modification

While the steps to a change in the custody agreement are fairly clear-cut, you should have a child custody attorney in Conroe in your corner assist to ensure that your rights and desires are supported. The steps necessary to obtaining a modification are:

1.      Look over the existing order to be clear on what it requires.

2.      Come to an agreement with the other parent, if possible.

3.      Petition the court for a modification of child support. Make sure that the petition explains the changes clearly, and the reason(s) they have become necessary. The petition must be given to the court clerk, and a filing fee will be required. The clerk will schedule a hearing.

4.      Attend the hearing and obtain an order from the Court.

Contact a Child Custody Attorney in Conroe for Legal Assistance

If you are seeking a change in a child custody agreement, consult with a child custody attorney in Conroe. Call Peterson Law Group at 936-337-4681 today.

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