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Conroe Business Attorney on Contract Interference

Posted by Chris Peterson | Apr 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

Conroe Business Attorney on Contract Interference

Tortious interference refers to an intentional damaging of contractual or business relationships. Such cases can be very challenging to litigate; therefore it is important to have a strong and experienced Conroe business attorney in your corner if your company has been thusly damaged.

Two Types of Tortious Interference

A tort is, simply put, a civil claim for a matter in which damage or injury resulted. Tortious interference, then, occurs when either a business relationship or contractual matter is interfered with.  A Conroe business attorney deals with two kinds of tortious interference cases in his legal practice.

Interference with a Business Relationship:

This type of tortious interference occurs when a third party acts in such a way as to cause another to violate a business relationship with a third. Generally some type of unfair business practice is involved.

To prove this form of interference the following must be established:

  • The defendant acted without authority
  • A business relationship existed between the two parties
  • The defendant knew about the relationship interfered with
  • The defendant coerced one party to act in a way that ended or damaged the relationship

Contract Interference

In order for this type of tortious interference to be fought successfully by your Conroe business attorney, there must be a clear and intentional act by a third party to cause one of those bound by a contract to breach it or make a false claim.

A proof of contract interference must establish:

  • A valid contract existed
  • The third party (defendant) knew of the contract
  • The third party convinced another to breach the contract
  • The breach occurred
  • Financial harm to the plaintiff resulted

Contact a Texas Business Lawyer

Tortious interference can cause serious damage to your business. If you need assistance with a legal matter, call a Conroe business attorney at Peterson Law Group: 936-337-4681.

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