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Effect of a Breach of Contract

Posted by Chris Peterson | Apr 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Effect of a Breach of Contract

Contractual obligations are prevalent in nearly every facet of society, from home improvements to retail sales. If you are experiencing a breach of contract, whether in the course of business or in a personal arrangement, a College Station, Texas contracts attorney can help you unravel the disagreement and recover the amount you are owed. Whether the agreement was for goods or services, an attorney can assist you with this matter as a breach of contract can significantly impede workplace progress.

Ways to Breach a Contract

In most instances, it is obvious and apparent when a contract agreement has been breached. However, other situations are not as clear. For instance, if two parties have agreed to the terms of a contract and one party is taking an exceptionally long time to get started on the work, the other party may be entitled to remedies under the doctrine of anticipatory repudiation. In another scenario, it may appear that the terms of the contract are fulfilled; however upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that goods or services are not as specified in the provisions, resulting in a breach. In either scenario, your College Station, Texas contracts attorney can help you negotiate with the other party to reach an amicable settlement or, if necessary, commence the litigation process.

Types of Remedies

When a contract is breached there are a number of ways to calculate damages, depending upon the situation. If a party contracts with a builder for the construction of a garage and midway through the builder quits the job, the party may be able to recover the original contract price plus any additional expenses incurred as a result of hiring another builder to finish the job. Conversely, if a builder contracts with a homebuyer for construction of a new house and halfway through the homebuyer cancels the deal, the builder could recover the full contract price plus incidental and consequential damages.

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Contract breaches are not uncommon, but it takes the knowledge and experience of a College Station, Texas contracts attorney to achieve the best possible result for the aggrieved party. To speak with an attorney right away, call Peterson Law Group at 979-703-7014.

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