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Interference with Business Relationships

Posted by Chris Peterson | Jun 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

Interference with Business Relationships

Interference with Business RelationshipsInterference with business relationships involves a third party violating an existing relationship between the other two parties for financial gain. Such interference is often challenging to prove because of the difficulty of showing that the business relationship existed in the first place. If your business has suffered financial loss due to interference, it is important that you work with a College Station business litigation attorney who can help you gain compensation.

Why Is a Business Relationship Sometimes Difficult to Prove?

Interference with a business relationship is a tort matter. The reason it may be difficult to prove is because many business relationships are established orally rather than by written contract. Not having the relationship spelled out in writing does not necessarily mean that the relationship is any less valid, however. Indeed, many businesses maintain relationships with each other this way. The fact of having a history of agreements, then, is one way to help show that the relationship was actual, and that the interference an unfair business practice.

What Elements Must Be Proven?

A College Station business litigation attorney who takes your case will need to prove certain elements before a remedy can be sought. The foundation of such tort cases is that laws protect against third parties interfering with valid business relationships. This is because the right to competition among businesses does not include such interference.

The elements which must be proven include:

  • A relationship or expectancy of such between the two businesses existed.
  • The defendant, despite an awareness of this relationship, convinced one of the parties to terminate it.
  • The defendant had no authority to do so.

As with all tort cases, the plaintiff must have suffered damages. In the case of interference with a business relationship, this damage must be in the form of financial loss. If the interference is proven and the elements satisfied, the plaintiff may be able to recover economic losses, including future profits. In some cases punitive damages may be awarded as well. Moreover, a negative injunction may be placed upon the defendant to disallow them from profiting from the tortious interference.

Work with an Attorney with Knowledge and Experience in Business Law

If your company has suffered loss from interference in a business relationship, or you have another business law concern, discuss the situation with a College Station business litigation attorney who will provide you with a high standard of representation. Call Peterson Law Group today at 979-703-7014.

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