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There Is Plenty of Time to Make a Will — Until There’s No Time Left

Posted by Chris Peterson | Mar 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

There Is Plenty of Time to Make a Will — Until There's No Time Left

Time for a WillMore often than not, we go about our daily routines, allotting blocks of time for items on the to-do list. We think we have plenty of time to get everything done, and by the end of the day we look back to see that each task took more time to finish than we anticipated. The old adage rings true — a job takes as much time to complete as you set aside for it.

How can you be more productive?

One time management technique to squeeze the most productivity out of your day is to put more items on your daily list than you can realistically hope to accomplish. The idea is that if you want to work faster, you should give yourself smaller windows of time to complete each task. The unspoken assumption is that you will naturally focus on the most important items and finish them first.

Take time to prioritize your list

Unfortunately, it is not always the most important tasks that get the most attention. Estate planning is one of those tasks that will simmer quietly on the back burner as long as you let it. Other less important things get in the way because even though we know estate planning is important, it is not usually on fire.

This reality can lead to very difficult situations where a friend or family member puts off estate planning too long, leaving surviving loved ones to sort out the details. Make up your mind today to put estate planning at the top of your list and keep it there until it is finished.

Set aside time to finish important tasks, no matter what else comes up

In addition to making it a priority, set a deadline for taking the next step. Contact an attorney to help determine which estate planning tools would be best in your situation to fit your family's needs and minimize tax consequences. Unlike penalties for unpaid taxes and expired licenses, there is no such thing as the estate planning police. There won't be a reminder in the mail. It's entirely up to you to give your loved ones the gift of a carefully planned estate.

The attorneys at Peterson Law Group have extensive experience preparing comprehensive plans and helping clients update estate plans when families and circumstances change. Our probate litigation attorneys also provide legal advice to executors, trustees, administrators and personal representatives who need assistance managing and settling estates and trusts. Call a Bryan, Texas estate planning and probate litigation attorney at the Peterson Law Group at 979-703-7014 or visit us online today.

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Chris Peterson is the owner of Peterson Law Group. He practices primarily in the areas of wills, trusts and estate planning; probate and trust administration; elder law; and business law. Chris is also the owner of Brazos 1031 Exchange Company.


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