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Be Wary of Do-It-Yourself Legal Documents — Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

Posted by Chris Peterson | Jan 07, 2014 | 0 Comments

Be Wary of Do-It-Yourself Legal Documents — Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

EraseIt's not hard to find an online document preparation service or big box supplier who will happily sell you do-it-yourself legal documents such as last will and testaments and contracts. These vendors cater to consumers and small business owners, offering to provide the same documents you could get from your lawyer at reduced prices.

The prices might be a little lower, but it's what you are not getting that can end up costing an enormous amount of money and heartache in the long run — often when it is too late.

Every estate is different

Take, for instance, a boilerplate last will and testament. If your family structure isn't complicated, the rest of your life goes smoothly, no major life events occur and you don't add significantly to your assets, then a very basic will might suffice for now. The trouble is we can't predict the future. Family members may pass unexpectedly, your assets and liabilities can change dramatically and your preferred beneficiaries may change, among other things.

An experienced estate planning attorney considers the big picture to help you structure your will and trust documents the way you want them today, along with recommending provisions to allow your estate plan to accommodate life changes and a growing estate. The advice you receive from a lawyer and answers to your specific questions can help you avoid making estate planning mistakes that will cost your loved ones down the road.

Every business is different

The same holds true for business contracts. A contract template can't answer questions specific to your business. Time and money spent on real contracts advice tailored to your business more than pays for itself in trouble saved.

Before you reach for the prepackaged templates or click through the online process, weigh the potential costs. Get real information from an experienced attorney. Contact an experienced Bryan, Texas estate planning attorney or business law attorney at the Peterson Law Group by calling 979-703-7014 to schedule a consultation.

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Chris Peterson is the owner of Peterson Law Group. He practices primarily in the areas of wills, trusts and estate planning; probate and trust administration; elder law; and business law. Chris is also the owner of Brazos 1031 Exchange Company.


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