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Zoning Issues

Posted by Chris Peterson | Jul 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

Zoning Issues

Virtually all businesses that develop physical property for use face zoning issues. Zoning ordinances can be very complex and difficult to determine, and often cause conflicts. A business may be constrained by zoning ordinances on a neighborhood, city, and county level. A real estate attorney in College Station, Texas can assist you both in determining the zoning requirements and ensuring that any building you do are occupying or constructing meets them.

A Real Estate Attorney Explains Common Types of Zoning Ordinances

As your real estate attorney in College Station, Texas can detail, zoning ordinances take a number of forms. Specific requirements for a given piece of land can be quite restrictive. For instance, a building constructed near the ocean in an area zoned for commercial use may be limited in terms of height.

Zoning ordinances tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Use Requirements – These specify how a property can be used, and are usually related to the area, region, or neighborhood where the building is to be placed. The land may be zoned for commercial, residential, agricultural, or recreational use.
  • Use Restrictions – These limit, or restrict, the height, size, location, color, proximity, and other aspects of a building. The example given above is one of use restriction.
  • Bulk Requirements – A bulk requirement limits the square footage, ratio of building to land, etc.
  • Subdivisions – Zoning regulations often address whether a lot can be divided into separate parcels.

A Real Estate Attorney Discusses Issues which Arise out of Zoning Regulations

Zoning disputes and conflicts are very common. For instance, an existing building may be in compliance with zoning regulations but then be made non-compliant with the passage of a new ordinance. A real estate attorney in College Station, Texas will work with you to overcome your zoning conflict. Such matters may be for nonconformance, as seen in the example just given; problems with conditions of use; or variances issues.

Speak with a Real Estate Attorney in College Station, Texas for Assistance

If your business is dealing with a zoning issue, a real estate attorney in College Station, Texas may be able to help. Call Peterson Law Group to receive straightforward, high quality legal assistance on zoning and other business matters. Call 979-703-7014 today.

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